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Archive of: Diatribe

Comment: Gay male misogyny is a real problem

Charmed actress Rose McGowan faced criticism this week when she said gay men were as misogynistic as straight men. Carrie Lyell thinks she’s right.

Top 10 daft comments when celebrities come out

Straight people say the darndest things...

10 Words that mean something completely different when you're a lesbian

Pass me the chapstick

No, I'm not a lesbian because I hate men

I've no idea why I'm a lesbian but here are 10 so-called "explanations" that are totally whack

Forget porn filters, let's talk about sex

Automatic filters are being rolled out to protect children online, but Carrie Lyell thinks they're doing more harm than good.

What's in a type?

Butch, femme and all stops between – do you have a "type" and is that type based on gender identity?

Opinion: Happy in your own skin

Is it possible to be too close to your girlfriend…?

Men: no, you can't join in

There were three in the bed and the lesbians said… Why do men think that we’d be happy to share our beds with them?

The truth about femmes

It’s not that she hasn’t met the right guy yet. Fran Hayden explains why femmes are dykes too.

Mission: surviving the January sales

With Christmas behind us, it’s time to arm yourself for the sales
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