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Archive of: Diatribe

As long as there have been homo sapiens, there have been homosexuals

New poll reveals more LGBT people than ever before, but Roxy Bourdillon thinks we've always been here.

Why can't I dance with my girlfriend?

Schools aren’t doing enough for LGBT pupils, says Claire Dickie.

Why Lauren Jauregui coming out as bisexual is important

Carrie Lyell on the Fifth Harmony singer’s declaration that she's a "proud bisexual Cuban-American woman".

There should be no age limit on being yourself

Claire Dickie is enraged by comments criticising CBBC series, Just A Girl.

Why Having Women’s Hockey On Prime Time TV Is So Important

Actor, writer and keen Hockey player Helen Oakleigh is still on cloud nine following Team GB’s historic win against the Netherlands.

We need to tackle bullying before it's too late

Claire Dickie reflects on the lessons to be learned from the recent death of a boy at her school.

Coming out to your therapist

The doctor’s in, but Alexandra Penelope is not quite out.

Homophobia hurts

Claire Dickie on the isolation and pain of being judged because of your sexual orientation.

Now you see me, now you don't

Sadie Hale on the subject of queer femme invisibility.

Too young to be a lesbian?

15-year-old Claire Dickie is sick of being told she’s too young to know her sexual orientation.
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