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Archive of: Fandom


"We go to birthdays and dinners and nights out together; testing out the fabric of each other’s lives; seeing how we fit in."

Love letter

"You, my beautiful girl, are perfect."

Friend or foe

"I’ve always been wary of the whole lesbian girl gang – or more specifically, my girlfriend’s lesbian girl gang."

Intensive care

"My friends can’t understand why I’m still with her."

Sweet Somethings

“I’m constantly amazed at how good it feels to kiss someone I’m actually attracted to.”

A Gay Old Time

"I didn’t really understand what chemistry was until I met Blue Eyes."

Baby’s Got Blue Eyes

“She’s so beautiful it takes all my willpower not to ravish her in the communal hallway.”

Snap, Crackle And Pop

“Fuck it, I think and ask her out for a drink.”


“I think my vagina just died.”

Luck O’ The Irish

“I almost wish I was on acid so I could hallucinate a better date.”
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