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Archive of: Fandom

Raise The Bar

“Will I wake up tomorrow morning in a sweaty, naked marital sandwich?”

A Love Like This

“What kind of women do you swipe right to?”

Boy, I like girls

“Guys - my sexuality has nothing to do with you.”

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Stronger

“All these things would be nicer with someone to share them with.”

Faith and fortune

“I laugh at the speeches, weep at the vows and fall head over heels in love with love all over again.”

Give it to me straight

"I’m stunned when she admits that she’s slept with women before."

Wishful thinking

“The thing is I’m not actually 100% sure she’s gay.”

Fairy tale

“Let me tell you a story about a girl who came out.”

Let’s talk about sexts, baby

“I wriggle into a slinky LBD and dim the lights ready to titillate my paramour.”

50 shades of grey areas

"In truth, I’m not girlfriend material. Not yet anyway."
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