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Archive of: Fandom

L’art d’aimer

“Paint me like one of your French girls.”

(Wo)man up

“'Do you think you’d be the man or the woman in a relationship?' Can't we both be the women?"

New kid on the block

"Tinder seems to be awash with the curious, the bewildered and the confused."

Come over

"I take her hand and lead her upstairs."

Beauty and the beasties

"When you’re dating women there’s a pitifully small pool to choose from."

Mating rituals

"Will I eventually be telling my kids that 'mummy met mummy on a seedy dating app'?!"

Will she, won’t she

"I really want to kiss you..."

Romance 2.0

"All great romances start on Tinder these days."

Baby steps

"If I can’t even look at a woman, how on earth am I going to actually talk to one?"

Introducing Girl Meets Girl

"For anyone who’s feeling lonely, confused, lost or afraid, this blog is for you."
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