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Archive of: Relationships

Know when it’s over

Why it's best to end what you're in before you get into something new.

Top 10 break-up survival skills

Because sometimes life can throw you some unexpected surprises.

5 Steps To A Paranoia-Free Relationship

Or, as Anisa Easterbrook's dad says, "Don't put your umbrella up before it rains".

Ex Marks The Spot

Why don't lesbians cut the ties when a relationship ends?

5 signs you're not compatible

Love may move mountains and always win, but love doesn’t trump compatibility.

5 ways to heal yourself after a breakup

When a relationship has ended, what can we do to take care of ourselves?

The pros and cons of having a same-sex partner

It's great having a girlfriend - except when it isn't

I love my straight girlfriend

A lesbian writes in to say her partner of four years identifies as heterosexual

She's selfish in bed

DIVA’s sexpert offers advice to a reader with a lazy girlfriend
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