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Agony in the age of choice

“Are you dating anyone else at the moment?”

Bisexual visibility in DIVA: 1994-2017

Charlotte Dingle takes a look a bisexual visibility in DIVA over the decades – the good, the bad and the ugly

Don't you want me, baby?

"When you really like someone you text back, even if you’re on the fucking moon."

Artist Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin: “Our allies have abandoned us”

The Swedish artist behind the controversial exhibition Ecce Homo on the “white hot hatred” received from the far right and the silence of our allies

Being queer in comedy

How a gig at the Edinburgh Fringe showed Chloe Green the power of being out.

The Whiskey Fitz wedding

"Child free for a whole 24 hours..."

So long to sweet 16

"Instead of worrying that it would all happen too fast, I’m beginning to worry it might never happen at all."

The long goodbye

"People still ask me how I couldn’t have known I was gay and I always struggle to find the words to explain."

Bad karma

"I’ve started to wonder if my karma’s gone a bit wonky, because bad things just keep happening."

Opinion: I'm an openly queer teacher - here's why that matters

Georgina Tomsett-Rowe on the importance of being out in the classroom.
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