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Archive of: Fandom

Our Christmas miracle

"We weren't prepared for there to be complications... I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes"

Our first nativity

"My wife was 'one of those parents'. You know the ones you eye-roll at and think, 'Get a grip - it's only a three year old's nativity'."

Slow it down!

"If somebody has the magic answers to balance it all, please send them my way"

Allow sperm to perish....

"I mean, it's premium sperm - look at the beautiful babies it creates!"

Happy Friday!

"It's about getting that balance"

I need a holiday to get over my holiday

"What was I thinking when I packed a book to read when I got some chill time???"

Halfway point

"It's only 18 weeks to go until we meet baby number three and find out if they are as a chaotic as number two!"

The enormity of choosing childcare

“Surely I can't be the only one who worries about all of this stuff”

The Whiskey Fitz wedding

"Child free for a whole 24 hours..."

When the chaotic one turns two!

And right on cue the terrible twos have begun...
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