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Archive of: Fandom

Dressing to impress

Our first argument was about Stella McCartney lingerie. Is that perhaps the most lipstick lesbian thing I have ever said?

The chaos of attraction

When you fancy someone as stupendously as I fancied Pearl, it sort of takes over, and influences everything you do.

Home sweet home

Ever-reducing wardrobe space and stepping on mascara in the morning aside, I’ve never felt more at home

Bath time

Is there anything sexier than a hot, steamy bath for two?

You’ve got mail

“Hey, we’ve matched in three different apps now so we should probably just get married.”

“You’re not gay

Welcome to femme invisibility.

The perils of kissing

At the end of every passionate embrace I wonder, “Have I ruined my lipstick?”

Competitive and painful personal grooming

The problem with being a lipstick lesbian couple is the slight air of competitiveness when it comes to matters of appearance.

Unsustainable underwear habits

This week Rosie discovers the challenges of maintaining her femme mystique.

The lipstick life

Introducing Rosie Mussen, femme extraordinaire.
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