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A tribute to Bea Smith

Tab Sylvester can't quite get over the loss of one of Wentworth's most beloved inmates

Wentworth S05E12 Hell Bent Recap

Franky’s big bust, Joan’s buried deep and Sonia’s barely alive. Cracking end to Season 5.

Wentworth S05E11 Coup de Grace Recap

Joan’s reign of terror is over as Vera saves her from a lynching, while Sonia finally cracks Liz over Witness X.

Wentworth S05E10 Mere Anarchy Recap

The Freak gets away with another crime, Jake gets away with being a dealer, while Franky gets done for another murder she didn’t commit.

Wentworth S05E09 Snakehead Recap

Will discovers the truth about Vera and Jake, while Franky and Allie’s escape plan continues.

Wentworth S05E08 Think Inside the Box Recap

An unlikely alliance between Sonia and the Freak, and is this the end for Fridget?

Wentworth S05E07 The Pact Recap

The Freak is entrenched as Top Dog, while Allie’s attempt to end her fails miserably.

Wentworth S05E06 Happy Birthday, Vera Recap

The Freak stops at nothing to get to the top of the pile, and Juice certainly won’t be threatening Liz to tell Sonia about her dicky ticker any time soon. Kaz’s fall from grace is complete, and when – I mean, seriously, when? – will Vera see Jake for the utter snake in the grass that he is?

Wentworth S05E05 Belly of the Beast Recap

Drugs are once again rife inside Wentworth, as Franky’s escape plan doesn’t go quite as she hopes. With Sonia’s return, Liz is forever looking over her shoulder and Doreen’s application for a transfer to Perth hits a bit of a snag.

Wentworth S05E04: Loose Ends Recap

It all comes undone for Sonia, as Liz heads back inside. Franky’s planning something, while Ferguson’s scheming starts to draw old enemies into her web.
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