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My IVF Journey: 1 week on stimms

All this IVF stuff can really consume you - thinking about the next injection, the next scan, the "what ifs"

Dear scientist, my lesbianism has nothing to do with men

A pissed off queer woman reacts to the new study suggesting lesbianism evolved to turn blokes on

Home sweet home

Ever-reducing wardrobe space and stepping on mascara in the morning aside, I’ve never felt more at home


"I could have scooped the best actress, best sound effects and best visual effects Oscars without breaking a sweat (literally)."

My IVF journey: The first scan

I know, I know, I'm a total idiotic bag of hormones.

Bath time

Is there anything sexier than a hot, steamy bath for two?

Top 5 things that lesbians are supposed to like but perhaps don’t

We can't help it, some of us just break the mould.


"We go to birthdays and dinners and nights out together; testing out the fabric of each other’s lives; seeing how we fit in."

Jet lag and the first injection

You’ve got mail

“Hey, we’ve matched in three different apps now so we should probably just get married.”
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