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Why feminists should care about sex workers' rights

Jo from F**k You Pay Me on how we can all be better allies to sex workers

How can I be visible this Bisexual Visibility Day?

"My sexuality may not be accepted by all online, but it's there for all to see. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate offline"

Now you see me

"Having a boyfriend doesn't make me any less queer..."

Syd Tha Kyd, #Berena and casual homophobia

Three things Cydney Yeates learned this week

What's it really like working with your partner?

We grill Jess Greaves and Katie Jones on what it's like to work together for Welsh National Opera...

OPINION: Queering straightforward narratives

"There was no space for finding myself, except on the precipice of despair"

Transcending identities and gender boundaries through theatre

How performance artist Sarah Wessendorf uses both her work and Buddhism to explore multiple identities and redefine sexuality...

First days at school

"It's been an emotional time for me"

Dr Carnesky’s Incredible Bleeding Woman

Marisa Carnesky explains the surreal, beautiful, and bloody brilliant story behind Incredible Bleeding Woman 🔴

Did the V&A just forget about Frida Kahlo’s bisexuality?

Making Herself Up feels incredibly personal, and yet, it lacks one fundamental detail of her life: her bisexuality
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