After the crazy chemistry, what next?

New relationships are about more than just shagging, says DIVA’s lesbian sexpert



Dear Hot Stuff,


I've just begun a relationship with one of the most incredible girls I've ever met: beautiful, intelligent, kind and generous. She also happens to be an insatiable dirty vixen in the bedroom and we can't get enough of one another. I've had to have a week off work so we can stay in and have sex. I don't want this to stop! But I'm terrified of real life having to finally kick in...


What do you think? Any advice?


Juliette, Newport




Dear Nympho in Newport,


Congratulations, Nympho! You're living the dream, surely? A gorgeous girl who you're obviously head over heels for and who can't get enough of you, nor you her. The first throes of passion are always the absolute best ­- obsessional, rampant, non-stop. Staying in bed all day, shagging in every possible corner of the house... Gosh, you won't need to go to the gym for a month!


Of course, as you say, real life must eventually kick in. Why, if only everyone could do what you have done and take a week off work, the world would be a much better place! Less stress, less panic at arriving late for everything and not being able to concentrate on even the tiniest thing or the simplest task.


My advice is simple Nympho, enjoy it to the maximum whilst it lasts, but don't be frightened either, of reality finally invading your sex-drenched love-nest. If you like this girl as much as you say you do, then the 'reality' part is the best part. Meeting each other's friends, learning everything there is to know about one another, integrating this new, incredible person into your day-to-day life - normality, right! We can't live in a Hollywood movie forever. You know, the ones where they bonk and still somehow manage to have perfect make-up afterwards...  She's going to see you with crazy panda eyes, she's going to see you ill, drunk, upset, angry. You're going to pass wind in bed and if she loves you, then she'll love you all the more for it.


So enjoy your moment, Nympho. Do it on behalf of the rest of us! But don't forget that real life is the best part and the part that you have to hope lasts forever.


Until then, enjoy the orgasms!


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