Help! I’ve fallen for a straight girl

It's only going to work if the spark strikes you both, warns the DIVA sexpert




Dear Hot Stuff,


I'm sure I'm not the only lesbian who's fallen for a straight girl, but I do seem to be making rather a habit of it. My latest crush is, unfortunately, on a girl I work with, which of course makes it doubly awkward.


Added to my habit of falling for straight girls is a bit of a white knight syndrome, and this girl ticks that box too - she's going through a hell of a time at the moment and I just want to rescue her (it helps that she's HOT!). We're friendly at work, and she does talk to me when she's upset, but we've not been out together anything other than professionally.


I don't know whether to leave things as they are or try and get the friendship to progress to something non-worky. Or if that's just asking for trouble... When I'm being logical, I think nothing's going to happen and it's best to just stay away, but she's so cute, and she makes me laugh, and I think... maybe... 


Clara from Plymouth



Dear Pro from Plymouth,


I don't know if there are lots of lesbians who fall for straight girls, actually! Myself, I'm put off by the complexity and inevitable heartache that most surely comes when falling for a heterosexual! (This of course, is a personal opinion and I might be wrong here. I'd be curious to find out in the comments.) Having established this, you won't be surprised when I suggest you reflect twice before doing anything and to tread super-carefully. 


Two things send my da-danger-dar shooting off into the red, the first being the whole heterosexual thing and the second, being your penchant for damsels in distress. I find that there is very little to be attracted about in either option for YOU, dear Pro. Surely, you should be interested in someone who is interested in YOU? Surely you should be interested in someone who brings something other to the table than the whole Princess Peach-Mario complex? 


The only detail in your story that I find reassuring is the fact that you haven't been out together on a personal basis. It seems to me, that if your interest in this girl was reciprocated, you might already have been out together...


All in all, and I'm really sorry to have to be the one to say it, but you've answered your own question... Taking things further might just be asking for trouble! 


I'm not saying that falling for the straight girl can NEVER work, but there has to be a mutual desire, a current and a strange certainty of her attraction to you. There doesn't seem to be that here. Think twice, Pro, and good luck! 


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