THEATRE: A Curmudgeon's Guide to Christmas Round Robin Letters ๐ŸŽ„

A couple receive an abundance of letters from "friends" documenting in mundane and intricate detail the year that has past


IMAGE: Bonnie Britain


It’s that time of year when people are showered with round robin letters that display all manner of smugness, boasting and oversharing. A married same-sex couple receives an abundance of letters from "friends" and acquaintances documenting the year that has past... 


Originally, A Curmudgeon's Guide to Christmas Round Robin Letters focused on a heterosexual couple, but through auditions, it became apparent to the play's creators that the sexuality of the characters was irrelevant. What was important were the challenges and issues that the couple were facing, and these were the same regardless of whether the couple were straight or gay.


Kate Russell-Smith and Claire Lacey play the married couple.



"We wanted to find the right chemistry and it just so happened the people we thought would compliment each other best were both women. Some small amendments were made to the script and so a new version of the piece was born. It is felt refreshing to present two lesbian characters that weren’t defined by their sexuality", said Scott Le Crass, the show's creator.


"Through rehearsals, we have looked closely at the dynamic between the couple, how you the audience watch the piece as guests in their house and how a collection of letters can be brought to life theatrically."


The piece is adapted by Scott Le Crass from the book The Cat That Could Open The Fridge, written by the late Simon Hoggart, and features original music by award-winning composer Conor Mitchell. Simon Hoggart was a political sketch writer, diarist and columnist for The Guardian. 


Come and join in the wearing of ill-fitting party hats and garish Christmas jumpers while the cast bring to life warm, witty (and sometimes weird) real-life Christmas round robin letters. Think Mrs Merton meets Talking Heads.





A Curmudgeon's Guide to Christmas Round Robin Letters opens at The Hope Theatre on 5 December - 23 December, with performances Tuesday-Saturday. Tickets are £15 and £12 concessions.


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