๐ŸŒˆ Community! Do your bit to support the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre

One-off fundraiser this Friday aims to help make the community centre a permanent space


COMMUNITY performer Manly Stanley.


Held at mixed art venue, Styx, in Tottenham, Community will feature a line-up of London’s best queer performers to continue to raise funds towards opening the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre.


Performances will include queer cabaret act Rhys Hollis, Iranian genderqueer artist Katayoun Jalili, and the UK’s bearded, Muslim drag queen, The Nightbus.


Bearded lady and drag queen, Maxi More, will also grace the stage, followed by drag king, Manly Stanley. 



The crowdfunding campaign was announced on 18 April at The Hackney Showroom in East London with the aim to create a much needed visible and open, multi-functional permanent space for the LGBTQ+ community.


To date, the crowdfunding campaign has raised almost £8,000, fifteen percent of its £50,000 target needed to make the LGBTQ+ community-led space a certainty.


Without the support of the £50,000 crowdfunding pledge, London and its LGBTQ+ community risk losing the funds and opportunity for a space that will serve as social centre signposting essential services to the community at large.


“What’s obvious is that so many people see the potential of an LGBTQ+ community centre in London, a place for mutual support, intergenerational contact, service provision, celebrations, education and improving physical and mental health," said Sarah Moore, a member of the project.


All funds from ticketing and donations on the night will go towards the crowdfunding campaign. Click here to buy a ticket priced at £7. Limited tickets can be purchased on the door for £10.


For more visit londonlgbtqcentre.org or follow them on Twitter @LdnLGBTQCentre. Visit their crowdfunder page here.



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