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Sofia B


London based, singer-songwriter Sofia B has sent a little Valentine's Day treat to DIVA πŸ’• 


She's kindly let us have the UK Premiere of the video to her first ever Spanish song, We Are Listening Venezuela. The song, which Sofia released on Venezuelan Independence Day last year, was written in solidarity with the cry for freedom and peace by protestors taking to the streets to reclaim their social space. 




Scattered riots broke out in Venezuela in 2014 in reaction to a spike in unchecked urban violence, inflation and basic shortages. The climactic and tragic murder of Miss Venezuela, Monica Spear, that year came to symbolise the cataclysmic breaking point in Venezuelans’ threshold for putting up with a set of ills grabbing them by the throat.


The timing to release We Are Listening Venezuela dawned on Sofia B when Venezuelan conductor Gustavo Dudamel, musical director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic issued an urgent plea to entrenched political leaders in Caracas to listen to the needs of the people. Saul Guanipa and Sofia B put their heads together to peg the spirit of demonstrators, “calling for peace, celebrating it, and nothing more,” said Sofia.


Born to a British-Lebanese father and a Venezuelan mother, Sofia B took to music and strings early in life. She started with the violin at age five. She picked up her father’s guitar at 13 and has been at it ever since. 



She released her first EP in 2013, Once Upon a Time. Her second, In The City, was written in New York, and recorded in Beirut, Lebanon with her father on lead guitar.


Follow her on Instagram @officialsofiab



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