DIVA publisher Linda Riley to judge Pride's Got Talent final

Watch the music finalists battle to become Pride’s Got Talent winner this Sunday 🎤✨


Simon Bennett. Pride's Got Talent 2017.


Pride’s Got Talent gives new and emerging talent in the LGBT+ community the chance to perform onstage at Pride in London.



Each year, hundreds of artists apply, and dozens are invited to audition before a panel of industry experts - and now, it's time for the grand final, where DIVA Magazine publisher Linda Riley will be one of the judges on the panel.


"I can't wait to be a judge at the Pride's Got Talent final this weekend," Linda told DIVA.


"As well as being an important event in terms of LGBT+ visibility and celebrating our community, it's also just a lot of fun! I'm very excited."



Come and watch the music finalists battle to win and become Pride’s Got Talent Winner this Sunday at 7pm at the Charing Cross Theatre - you can get your hands on tickets by clicking here.


Pride’s Got Talent is in Partnership with Amazon Music UK and is supported by The Musicians Union.


Find out more about Pride's Got Talent at: prideinlondon.org/get-involved/prides-got-talent-2018/ 



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