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How you can get involved with the Women's Confidence Movement 2017



Everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in themselves, yet lesbian and bisexual women often still have negative experiences because of our gender identity, sexual orientation and other minority identities. This leads to higher rates of mental health problems and barriers to getting help, including around “coming out”. 


Through the Lesbian and Bisexual Women’s Confidence Movement, we will amplify our voices, our experiences and our struggles. We will celebrate the ways in which we find confidence in ourselves and our communities and we will reclaim our identities and stories, recognising the differences between them.


This Autumn, the LGBT Foundation Women’s Programme is launching a Confidence Movement for Lesbian and Bisexual Women, including women of colour, older women, disabled/neurodivergent women, trans women, non-binary people and transfeminine people.


We have three exciting ways for you to get involved:


Confidence Conference for Lesbian and Bisexual Women – 21 October

Meet new people in new ways by coming along to our "speed mate-ing" workshop with GirlGang Manchester. Check out the community fair full of social groups you could join. Learn new skills in our workshops on how to make friends for neurodivergent people and how to set-up a social group with Aderonke Apata from African Rainbow Family. Be inspired to be "unapologetically you" by our speakers, Comedian Kerry Leigh and Drag King, Dick Slick.


Vlog Series: Coming out when and where we want

Share your story or just listen to ours - lesbian, bisexual, queer and questioning women talk about their experiences of coming-out (or not), when and where they want. To take part by sharing your story of being a minority lesbian or bi woman, email:


Radio Takeovers

Tune in to hear us taking over local stations to focus on the experiences of being a minority lesbian and bisexual woman in the LGBT community, and how that impacts on accessing health and social care. 



 Follow #LBconfidence across social media for the latest updates, or for more click here.


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