Imagine a summer camp that caters exclusively for LGBTQ+ families...

Introducing Denmark's Rainbow Family Festival 🌈



Ever wanted to live on a small, peaceful island, taking up gentle sporting activities, arts and crafts, and chatting with other LGBTQ+ families, while becoming an expert in all things hygge? Well, now you can.


Just off the coast of Denmark lies the the beautiful island of Aeroe, complete with quaint towns and cobbled streets that look like they came straight out of a fairy tale. (Think Frozen when the ice thaws...) 


Boasting a stunning wealth of nature, with beautiful landscapes for hiking, safe, friendly beaches for kids to play on, and bays that are ideal for water sports. It sounds pretty damn dreamy. Plus, it’s also known for its tolerance and openness.


Now, the brand new Rainbow Family Festival aims to bring a whole week of fun and relaxation for all ages and nationalities to Aeroe, providing an important space for LGBTQ+ families to be themselves without the pressure to conform or hide their differences. 



The pressures of assimilation can often mean that queer families attempt to appear just like other families, but LGBTQ+ folks still experience oppression, and it's important that there are spaces made for queer families to meet up and relax, away from the demands of heteronormativity.


Denmark's Rainbow Family Festival promises to entertain, challenge and strengthen relationships, with a whole range of activities and a stimulating cultural program with plenty of talks, open discussions and arts events. Importantly the festival is for all LGBTQ+ families, with all religions, races, ethnicities and abilities welcome.


It’s also conducted in English - but with an awareness that English may be a second language for some families.


And not forgetting the inclusion of “hygge-spots”. If you aren’t yet aware of the hallowed Danish art of hygge then where have you been?!


Hygge has been described as “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming” and “taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things.” Journey to Aeroe and we're sure you'll quickly become a hygge fundamentalist. 


Committed to an LGBTQ+ future that is smarter, happier and stronger, Rainbow Family Festival aims to create a gathering of like-minded people that can relax and enjoy their holiday together, filling up on pride and hope for the year ahead.


For more information, or to buy tickets click here.


Participants do not need to identify as LGBTQ+ to participate. Allies are welcome. Also non LGBTQ+ persons who are members of a rainbow family, for example cisgender heterosexual grandparents, may choose to bring their grandchildren, leaving LGBTQ+ parents at home.​



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