Four reasons you’d be a mothertucking fool to miss Drag World London 2018

Addicted to Drag Race? Got a thing for drag kings? Then this event will give you life!




Here’s why I’ll be there (purse first) at Drag World London 2018, a sick’ning celebration of the fiercest artform on the planet.


1. The queens

This line-up has left me gagging for days.



If you’ve ever binge-watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll be familiar with legends like BenDeLaCreme, Jinx Monsoon, Violet Chachki and Katya Zamolodchikova. There’s going to be so much sass and SO much padded ass (I’m looking at you, Alaska 5000), it’s set to be an eleganza extravaganza.



2. The kings

Hunky, hilarious and ready to rock your world, there’s a fair number of awesome drag kings who’ll be entertaining the adoring crowds at Drag World too. DIVA faves include the incredible Benjamin Butch and Zayn Phallic. These dudes have major talent and serious swagger. Someone pass me a six foot rhinestoned feather fan - I’m swooning already.



3. The shoppertunities

With stalls selling everything from industrial strength contour kits to Fierce Drag Jewels, Drag World London 2018 is the ideal place to razzle-dazzle your wardrobe and become the glamazon you’ve always longed to be.



4. The tea

There'll be Q&As and tutorials galore, not to mention some of the world's very best drag artists spilling the tea. This is your chance to learn how to beat your face for the gods and slay that runway. Nab tips, tricks and inside dirt. Yassss, qween!




Drag World London 2018 takes place Saturday 18 August and Sunday 19 August. Find out more and book your tickets at



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