Glasgow's putting on a Bloody Big Brunch 🍅

It's time to put ending #periodpoverty on the menu


Bloody Big Brunch


Scots are being invited to get involved in the first-ever “Bloody Big Brunch” on Saturday 10 March - where the price of a Bloody Mary is a box of tampons, and the topic of chat is menstruation. Period.



Taking place in The Wee Guy’s café in Glasgow, the Bloody Big Brunch allows people – whether they get periods or not – to come along and "buy" the classic brunch staple of a Bloody Mary with a box of sanitary products.


It’s an unusual drinks bill for what’s an all-too-common problem. All tampons and pads received will be donated to The Trussell Trust in acknowledgement of period poverty - something that one in five women in Scotland have experienced. 


Unable to buy sanitary products due to financial difficulties, those affected resort to using old clothes, toilet paper and newspapers as alternatives solutions – or they rely on friends and food banks for period wear.



Created by WIRE, a creative agency in the city who plan on keeping the flow of conversation going, The Bloody Big Brunch will tour the rest of the UK at "That Time of the Month", popping up in bars and cafes throughout the year.


Those unable to attend the events are being encouraged to host their own Bloody Big Brunch at home.


“Aunt Flo, the blob, on the rag – we all have our nicknames for that time of the month", explains Lee Beattie, Director of WIRE, "but it’s time to remove the taboo of talking about periods so we can talk about period poverty.”


“Taxed as a non-essential luxury item, the reality is that sanitary products should be a basic essential available to all women. So we’re using an actual luxury - brunching with a Bloody Mary in hand - to shine a light on this massive issue that lots of people – women and men – don’t know much about.”


“Nobody should feel shame about menstruation, nor should they have to resort to uncomfortable substitutes or no sanitary products at all. By getting bloody talking over a Bloody Mary, we can start helping those in need – and putting pressure on the government for change.”


To find out how you can get involved, follow @bloodybigbrunch on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Together, we can end #PeriodPoverty ✊​


The Bloody Big Brunch will take place at The Wee Guy’s on 10 March. There'll also be DJ sets from Glasgow’s top indie club night, Pretty Ugly and spoken word from award-winning writer Cat Hepburn. Non-alcoholic Virgin Bloody Marys will also be available.



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