Mandy Tootill: Twin Peaks

Cancer survivor turned comedian shows us her Twin Peaks at Greater Manchester Fringe ⛰️⛰️




Northern comedian Mandy Tootill has been getting her Twin Peaks out all over the show this summer, from Barnaby Festival and Buxton Fringe, to a very sunny L Fest.



Mandy was 30 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009.


Having never really spoken about her cancer, to celebrate being five years in the clear she decided to get on stage and tell jokes about it in front of a crowded room — just the usual, you know. 


Not only did that crowded room laugh but when she came off stage, an audience member approached her about finding her own lump and how Mandy's journey had encouraged her to get it checked out


Overwhelmed with the positive response - the idea of her debut solo show, Twin Peaks, was born.



Twin Peaks, in a nutshell, is an idiot’s journey through breast cancer — and coming out on the other side. 


From oversharing about sexual encounters whilst wearing Marigolds, to spending quality time with a mannequins head called Celine, Mandy shares with the audience her inappropriate behaviour in her own endearing way.


“People are frightened of talking about cancer and sometimes of the word itself,” Mandy told DIVA. 


“What I set out to do with the show is to break down these barriers using comedy — and the fact I am a bit of a knob. 


“The response to the show so far has been humbling, people have reached out to me and thanked me for talking about cancer in an approachable and original way. 


"Others have said the show is funny and filthy which is also important. 


“Really, it’s just 50 mins of me talking about how amazing my boobs are, and that’s far cheaper than therapy.”


Mandy started her comedy career in 2014 at the Women in Comedy Festival and has been making people spit out their drinks ever since. People often laugh at her warm Wigan wit and adorable charm. (Mandy may or may not have written that last sentence)


As well as her solo stuff, Mandy is also one half of comedy duo Toots & Leigh who produce and host Titters & Tassels comedy burlesque show in Manchester. 



She’ll next be getting her Twin Peaks out however, for the Greater Manchester Fringe on the 28 July 2018 at The Castle Hotel. Tickets are available here, with some of the proceeds from sales going to Macmillan Cancer Support.


“A show that is refreshingly honest, original, unsentimental and also, what it sets out to be, disarmingly funny” — Robbie Carnegie


“Warm, hard, gritty and most importantly... funny” — Steve Vertigo


"Great tits” — LFEST audience member


For more visit or follow her on Twitter @mandytootill



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