10 androgynous babes you should probably follow on Instagram right now

Need some andro style inspo? Follow these lovely folk for some seriously fluid fashion πŸ‘”




If, like me, you were born without the natural ability to dress yourself but aspire to achieve a look that leans towards andro/tomboy... Or, if you're super femme one day, then masc it up the next - look no further. We've rounded up a few of our favourite Insta-based, androgynous-leaning lovelies to help fill you with andro-spiration.



Make some space in that winter wardrobe, friends.






LA on the lake @thehommeplusmag 2014 πŸ“· @alicesadventures

A post shared by Erika Linder (@richiephoenix) on


Swedish model-turned-actress Erika Linder is best-known for modeling both masculine and feminine-styled clothing (she does a great young Leo Di Caprio...) But in 2016, Linder became just that little better well-known among queer communities after starring in the ever-so-steamy Canadian lesbian film, Below Her Mouth. If you haven't seen it yet, GO TO NETFLIX IMMEDIATELY. (Warning: Do not watch with family members).






An andro-spiration essential, Portland-based clothing company Wildfang β€‹was founded in 2010 by Emma Mcilroy and Julia Parsley​. β€‹Home for all badass babes​, Wildfang famously collaborated with Katherine Moennig (Shane, The L Word) and has been "liberating menswear one bow tie at a time" for allllllmost a decade now. Check out their suits - if you're feeling flush.






YouTuber and filmmaker Ari Fitz makes gorgeous content - from hilarious reaction vids and heartfelt confessionals, to style guides and documentaries - this US-based influencer is definitely one for fluid fashionistas. If you're into chunky sneakers, street style and bright colours, Ari's your gal.






To me Real Change happens with solidarity . I’m Proud to wear all black today and stand with my sisters and everyone fighting the good fight to end the abuse of power across every field . I wear my black today for those who spoke publicly and suffered silently from sexual harassment , sexual assault , rape , and so much more . I wear black today because I don’t want another person to go through that . Period . I wear my black to speak for those unable to fight for themselves . I wear this black for every marginalized person across the globe . Please donate to the #timesuplegaldefensefund (see link in bio for more info on its’ importance) . Let’s build and seize the moment and make something long overdue happen ! #TIMESUP #WHYWEWEARBLACK

A post shared by Janelle Monáe (@janellemonae) on


Recording artist, record producer, actress and model, Janelle Monáe​, has her fingers in all of the pies. Starring in the hit 2016 film Hidden Figures, which tells the story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role at NASA during the early US space programme, Monáe wears her wardrobe very, very well. If you're into sharp suits, hats and high fashion, Monáe's your girl.






Qwear's aim is to showcase LGBTQIA+ modes of expression and expand queer visual representations. Lots of fun stuff on here for femmes, andros, butches, queers and people of all genders. Great for party inspiration. (Did someone say glitter beard?) Use the hashtag #Qwear to join in the conversation.






Have you checked my PowerPoint

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Enfant bizarre Christine and the Queens - otherwise known as Héloïse Letissier - shatters stereotypes surrounding gender and sexuality as often as the average person shatters their phone screen. Tracks "iT" and "Half Ladies" from her 2014 album Chaleur Humaine (Human Warmth) explicitly discuss both. Oh... and back on topic? She also dresses really, really well. We're hoping 2018 will mean more from Christine (...and her fabulous Queens).






Witches of Eastbinch. Legends of the Corn @walterechin @crowbartay @leongorman

A post shared by Perfume Genius (@perfumegenius) on


While we're on the subject of Christine and the Queens... let's take a moment to appreciate Perfume Genius. Fronted by Mike Hadreas, Perfume Genius features on CATQ's moody English/French language track, Jonathan. Creator of hauntingly beautiful pop-rock, Hadreas also boasts an impressive wardrobe of femme, masc and just downright fabulous fashion. Worth a look (and a listen).






Just a feed full of beautiful androgynous folk from around the world. Enjoy.






Model, activist and actor Elliott Sailors - alike Linder - is known for modelling both masculine and feminine-styled clothes. And modelling them very well, at that. With style inspiration suited to femme, andro and butch lovelies alike, Sailors is a top addition to any Insta feed. As well as her modelling and acting (she starred in Jake Graf's short film Dusk earlier this year), Sailors is also Co-Creator of ethical, LGBTQ-friendly clothing and accessories line TOMISNOTABOY. Check it out, here.






A post shared by Samira Wiley (@whododatlikedat) on


OITNB and The Handmaid's Tale star, activist and all-around heartthrob Samira Wiley is last, but certainly not least on our list of Insta-shaped andro lovelies. From wedding snaps to snapbacks, Samira has a little something for everyone on her feed. A DIVA staple.



✨ Happy styling you beautiful andros, you βœ¨



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