BRIGHTON: Fancy warming up those vocal chords?

Join Brighton’s Community Choir for LGBTQ people and allies in 2018 🎵


Artwork by Lucie Arnoux


Unique among the many choirs in Brighton, GLOW is a natural voice choir for LGBTQ people and allies. All voices are welcome, without exception!


There is no policing of sexuality, gender or race at GLOW, and no discrimination will be tolerated. We do our best to accommodate any specific needs that disabled choir members may have, and people of all levels of musical experience and ability are very welcome to join in.



We sing a wide range of songs, including many genres, and from across the globe - all taught by ear. Once a term, GLOW holds a concert, and at least 50% of the profits from this are donated to charities. In recent term’s, GLOW has raised impressive amounts of money for Brighton & Hove LGBT Switchboard, and MindOut! 


While​ many participants enjoy performing at the end of term concert, there is no obligation to perform. The main focus of GLOW is the participants’ enjoyment, the support of the community, and the experience of a jolly good group sing!


Choir leader Hannah-Rose Tristram has been leading choirs and teaching singing for over a decade, and has travelled the world in pursuit of great music for a cappella voices. This term’s "Musical Menu" may include a Bosnian love song, a Bulgarian Orthodox song, a Taize song for peace, moving and uplifting songs by Natural Voice “greats” Ali Burns, Dee Jarlett, Nick Prater and Helen Yeomans, an invitation to “walk a mile in my shoes” by Rebecca Spalding, and a whole host of other surprises!


What GLOW participants have told us:


"Glow is incredible. I could not have dreamt of a more welcoming, warm and light-hearted, fun singing group. I never thought I would be in a choir. Glow changed that. Glow represents what is best about communities" - Sophie C  


"You accept us all for who we are without judgement and that is very rare. Thank you for being an amazing teacher" - Layla B


“I love the variety of what we sing. Friends who came to the sharing commented on how amazing the energy of the group was. It’s not just joyful singing; it’s also a real sense of community and sharing” - AnnA 


GLOW Brighton’s new term starts on Saturday 10 February 2018. For more information click here.



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