Getting pregnant – it’s all about timing

When you’re trying to get pregnant, timing is everything.




Pregnancy occurs when the sperm cell fertilises the egg. For some women, this can happen quickly while for others it can take longer. You probably already know this, and so you probably also know that this is no different when you choose to get pregnant by a sperm donor from Cryos International. The difference is that timing becomes more than just knowing your ovulation date, it is also important when you order the sperm for delivery. 


The best time to get pregnant 

But first, let us share a few basic facts about your “fertile window”. This is the best time to try and conceive and it’s different for every woman. The “fertile window” is in fact the only time during a woman’s menstrual cycle when pregnancy is possible and occurs within two days before your ovulation and the day of your ovulation, where the egg are released from your ovary. An egg only lives for about 12-24 hours so it needs to be fertilised by the sperm within this time. Cryos recommend taking an ovulation test which can help you identify your fertile window. Insemination with donor sperm should take place 24-36 hours after a positive ovulation test.  


Reserve the sperm from your favourite donor  

So now you know when you need the sperm and let us also assume that you have found your favourite sperm donor. Now what? Well, when you order donor sperm you can choose to purchase for delivery right away, or reserve the donor sperm which is then stored for you at Cryos International. This ensures that the sperm is available for possible delivery when you reach the best time to get pregnant. If you want to be sure to get sperm from your favourite donor, you should reserve immediately after you have found the donor.


Ordering donor sperm 

Whether you order sperm for delivery right away, or if you have reserved the donor sperm for later use it is important that you place the order at least 2 days prior to your desired shipping date. Remember to make sure that the delivery date takes place on the day before you need the sperm for home insemination or treatment at a clinic at the latest – just to make sure that you have received the sperm in due time for your ovulation. 


From all at Cryos International, we wish you the best of luck on your journey towards becoming a mummy! 


About Cryos International

Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank. Their 30 years of experience has resulted in more than 800 donors who are all helping to achieve Cryos’ vision “To help the childless make their dream come true”. With customers and delivery to more than 100 countries across the world, they do not just take pride in having the most donors, but also the widest selection of donors, as well as free of charge access to their online donor search.


This expansive donor base has allowed Cryos to help countless single women as well as lesbian and heterosexual couples in their pursuit of building a family. In fact, over the years Cryos has reached the highest number of registered donor sperm pregnancies in the world.


Do you have any questions? Cryos is the world’s largest sperm bank and is always happy to guide you through the entire process. For more information click here.


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