Love GFW first time or your money back

Lots has happened since clothing brand Gender Free World launched almost three years ago with just five shirts in their line... πŸ‘”πŸ‘šπŸ›οΈ


Gender Free World.


Thanks to YOUR support and loyalty, Gender Free World have been able to bring you 11 long-sleeved shirts, 10 short-sleeved shirts and now, our very own super comfy boxer short range!


Those of us with bigger chests or wider hips know how well our Billie and Alex ranges fit (we have four different body shapes and seven sizes per shape = 28 variants!)


We’ve been called a "challenger brand" in the press because we are shaking up the fashion industry by offering clothes that aren't restricted by your gender or by your shape, and offer fun shirts, dapper shirts and work shirts for all body shapes and – hopefully – all tastes as well. 



Now, we're ready to introduce our new #nolabels bamboo fabric boxer shorts, in fact, we're so confident you'll love 'em that we're offering you your money back if you don't!


Available in two colours – black and orange and orange and black with our signature "no labels" waist band, their unique design means that these super comfy boxers can be worn by anyone.


Double layer where it matters – for those with external equipment, internal equipment, or those who are packing. Yup, we really do mean everyone!


With bamboo's incredibly soft, stretchy but durable properties, we are confident that you will find these the most comfortable boxers ever, ever, ever.


  • Unique, genuinely "unisex" design
  • ‘no labels’ 3.5cm deep soft elasticated waistband
  • 95% rayon from bamboo, 5% elastane
  • Moisture wicking, breathable
  • Made in Britain


Why "no labels"? 

The relationship we have with our labels impacts so many areas of our lives and, of course, this can be a positive and important part of understanding our identity – it can also be extremely limiting and cause a great deal of harm.


At GFW, we felt it would be great to limit our use of labels where we can, and to be conscious of how we use them where we do.


A shirt is a shirt, so to speak. Every time we work on an item of clothing we aim to be as inclusive as we can. For us, your gender is irrelevant to your sartorial choices, and we wish that was true for all retailers.


In the meantime, we will continue to break down gender barriers with our clothing. 


Find out more (or shop now!) at Have some feedback for GFW? Get in touch at



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