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Ellie logged on to MindOut one Saturday night feeling awful, very suicidal and completely isolated.  For all sorts of reasons she didn’t want to contact anyone in her life, confidentiality was very important to her. She was able to access instant emotional support from someone who really listened and didn’t judge. She felt understood, she felt heard. This meant that she could think about practical support which she could access in her local area with the support of the online worker.


There are many reasons why people don’t seek help for their mental health issues including fear and shame, stigma and hopelessness as well as lack of availability of services. These feelings can really get in the way, but going online for support can be a helpful first step to overcoming them. Being anonymous online can help people shed their anxieties about opening up, freeing them up to share their feelings of distress openly without fear of being identified or exposed. 


Ellie could control how she found support and this is key to why online support is so helpful. Users like Ellie have described this service as excellent, warm and informative, saying that it has made them feel less alone. Loneliness and isolation are very common experiences for people feeling overwhelmed by their mental health issues, it can be incredibly hard to admit to suicidal thoughts and often just being heard and understood can be enough to help shift these feelings. Common themes that users talk to us about are not having any other LGBTQ support around them, the difficulties in exploring their gender and sexual identities and relationship problems. There are also requests for support from people who are worried about someone else.


The online support service is super easy to access, just go to our website at www.mindout.org.uk click on the bottom right tab to start up a conversation. You can do this from any computer or your phone so you can make contact wherever you are. The website also tells you when we are next online. If we are not online you can always leave a message with your email address and someone will get back to you. 




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