My Future Family: How, where and when?

CARE Fertility’s Kathryn Bryant looks ahead to My Future Family Show this weekend



So, you’re ready to start planning and have your future family. Congratulations! This is a very exciting time full of possibilities and dreams. But where do you start on this journey? Have you decided which route to parenthood you and partner will take? Will it be fostering, adoption, or fertility treatment? How can you get the information, advice and support about planning and raising an LGBT+ family? The choice can seem overwhelming but the good news is that there is help and resources available.


My Future Family Show


Alternative Parenting Week is happening now and the My Future Family Show will be held this Saturday 23 September. Many organisations and individuals will be exhibiting to help you and your partner get started on the journey to parenthood. It is always a busy day with LGBT+ families on hand to ask questions and alleviate any concerns about the journey you are about to embark on.


If fertility is your plan, make sure to visit the CARE London stand and speak to the team of doctors, nurses, and embryologists, or book a free one to one with a specialist.


Hannah and Mandy’s story, created with love, from CARE London


For information about the show, exhibitors and panel events on the day, click here.


Intimate LGBT family planning evening


For some couples, a show with exhibitors may not be the event for you. Perhaps a more intimate setting with women that have been down this road and are willing to share their story, wisdom and advice? You’re in luck. The Gay Women’s Network (GWN) is an organisation that supports LGBT women develop and create career, social and business networking opportunities. There are over 1250 members and every year the GWN hold an event for LGBT women to explore issues in an inclusive and welcoming space.


GWN’s “Love, Death and Taxes” evening will be held on Thursday 12 October and this year a panel of women will be sharing experiences on creating their LGBT family. Discussion on family law for LGBT+ for adoption and IVF routes to parenthood will also be incorporated in the evening, along with support as a potential LGBT family with representatives from Mischon De Reya and P3.


There will also be fertility advice on hand from CARE London, who are experienced in creating families for same-sex couples and transgender women. For more information on how and where to start fertility treatment click here.


The Love, Death and Taxes event is very popular so for more information about booking your place, click here.


Whatever your future holds with planning and creating your family, there is help and support out there. Enjoy this journey and I look forward to seeing you at future LGBT+ family events.


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