Orhan Tailoring: "We create your garments, your way"

Put your best foot forward – with tailoring to embolden, express and impress


IMAGE: Orhan London Tailoring


Impassioned by your individuality, Orhan London Tailoring believes that everyone has the right to look and feel amazing. 


As individuals, too often we feel that we have to fit into a "style box" – to concede with whatever design, shape or size that the high street has to offer. But at Orhan London Tailoring, we do things differently. 


Offering the very best of British craftsmanship and style savoir-faire - our tailoring refuses to compromise. Each garment is individually custom-made to your exact specifications and measurements; designed to champion and celebrate your unique physicality and sense-of- style. 



From the finest bespoke suits to exceptional casualwear favourites, our expertise offers pure, unadulterated style that is authentic to you. With a fit and finish that is impossible to find off the peg, we help you to look – and most importantly feel - your absolute best. 



After a decade of trading in the heart of London’s vibrant and dynamic Shoreditch, we are both proud and inspired by our wonderfully eclectic clientele. Our reputation attracts an array of characters from all walks of life, with the LGBT community embraced in our openhearted environment - empowered by our understanding of the variety of styles that they might be looking for. 



With a star-studded clientele that includes Princess Diana, Vivienne Westwood and The Rolling Stones, our master tailor Orhan bestows his veteran tailor’s eye and decades of artisan expertise to bring your dream outfits to life. The son of a tailor himself – with the rich heritage of traditional tailoring instilled as second nature – he instinctively understands how best to achieve each client’s desired look. 


Have you ever wanted a masculine cut but found the shape just didn’t work with your curves? Orhan is a specialist woman’s tailor (a rarity in itself) and relishes the opportunity to help each client express themselves unapologetically through their clothes. From classic, understated styles to bold and expressive designs – we create your garments, your way.


For more visit orhanlondontailoring.com



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