Our First Story: Created for babies with two mummies

Introducing the perfect baby record book for two mummies!




Our First Story books are created to be the first story that you share and write with your baby, created especially for families who have two mummies or two daddies. 


Our baby record books have space to note down how both mummies met, through to the pregnancy journey, information about donors, right up until the baby’s arrival with space for all of the usual milestones including going home, first smiles, walking and more.



The books are the perfect aid to help parents talk to their children about their donors and the journey you as parents took before they arrived in the world.


How Our First Story came to be

My wife and I decided after our honeymoon that the time was right for us to look at having our own family. We looked into all of our options before deciding on IVF. We could choose our sperm donor and have the opportunity to help other women who needed egg donation. Unfortunately, we had two unsuccessful attempts but we were third time lucky! 


Once we had announced our pregnancy we began to shop for the little bundle. We came across many items with “Mummy & Daddy” or even just “Partner”, but we struggled to find anything to suit us – two mummies. It seemed the best option was to create something to fill that gap, and that’s how Our First Story came to be! 



The books come as soft or hard back editions offering something that will be well-loved and shared for years to come. We’ve also created a selection of greeting cards - perfect for expectant mummies and daddies or those which are celebrating new family arrivals.


The first 100 books will come with a lovely cotton bag to keep the book safe. For more information click here.


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