Top 5 things to consider when choosing an engagement ring πŸ’

Ready to pop the question? We've got the 411 from the people in the know...


Woolton & Hewitt


Choosing the right engagement and wedding ring can be so important.


As specialists, gay-owned and operated specialist LGBTQ+ jeweller Woolton & Hewitt create superb engagement and wedding rings for all.


In this tying-the-knot special, they suggest five key factors that will help you find the perfect design and the perfect symbol of your love...



You're in love. Now it's time to fall in love all over again with engagement rings and wedding rings that truly symbolise your amazing relationship. After all you're going to be together for the rest of your lives. Traditional, avant-garde, simple or exuberant? They should be designs that make you both say, "Wow, that's the one!"



Yellow gold is the classic colour, white gold is the most contemporary and the most popular, and rose gold appeals to non-conformists! Other options include two-tone combinations and even a five colour rainbow. Along with white gold, you can consider palladium and, the most expensive of all, platinum.



We are making new traditions – it's such an exciting time! An engagement ring can be whatever you feel is right. Perhaps a stunning solitaire diamond ring or a fabulous multi-stone band? Delve into your desires, your styles, your values, and choose engagement rings and wedding rings that feel absolutely right for you and your love.



Many couples select matching or related designs. Equality lies at the core of our relationships and this symbolism reflects the union of equals. Others want to let their individuality shine through and their choices are therefore very different. It's well worth exploring how you both feel about this.



It can take a while to find and make the perfect rings so give yourselves three to six months. Enjoy looking at options online and in stores. We believe that selecting your engagement rings and wedding rings should be an exciting and romantic experience. With our service you can try sample rings at home or view our collection by private appointment.


We hope these tips will help you find your perfect rings! 


You can see the full Woolton & Hewitt collection online or by private appointment, just visit our website for details.


And if you have any questions please do get in touch – we're always happy to talk about such beautiful symbols of love!



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