"We’re thankful to be in a position where we can give a little boy his forever home"

DIVA hear from foster care couple Lindsay and Lianne this #FosterCarerFortnight




Many children have not had a good start in life, and myself and Lianne were keen to help those who had been less fortunate than we had been.


We felt that we had the perfect lifestyle that would only become better once we were able to offer what we had to a child who was in need of love, safety and support.


My mum had worked for fostering and adoption charity TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) for a few years and always recommended them for the work they do, so once we were ready to become foster carers we had no hesitation.



Our first placement was with twin girls aged two, who hadn’t had the best of starts in life. Because of their backgrounds - the girls had been through a lot in their pasts - we did face many challenges.


Some of their behaviours, eating habits and sleeping patterns were challenging at times – but through time, effort and one-to-one care, we were able to notice massive changes in all of these things. Their general attitudes improved incredibly which was wonderful to see and made both of us feel very rewarded.


The twins were an amazing start to our life as foster carers over the five months they stayed with us. They left us as completely different children to those who first arrived with us and our family members who had got to know them all commented on the positive changes we had made to their lives.


That was such a rewarding thing for us both and made us feel like what we were doing was 100% worth it - through the good times and bad.


Dealing with the complexities of local authorities and eventually having to say goodbye to the girls was probably the hardest part of fostering for us. It can be difficult to deal with when decisions about the children are made by the local authority, even if you don’t agree with what those decisions are.


Above: TACT Foster Carers, Lindsay and Lianne


We now have a little 6-year-old boy who’s been with us for the past few months. He’s such a lovely little boy who’s quickly settled in and become part of the family!


At the moment this is a long-term placement, but we’re hoping he will get to stay with us permanently. All three of the children who we’ve cared for have experienced new things daily. For us to have the opportunity to show them how they should be loved and cared for is amazing.


All the way from our Form F assessment, to our panel with TACT, to having children placed with us, we have never looked back and we never will.


We’ve been lucky to have a good network of people around us as well as the support which TACT offer – fortunately, we’ve never really had to ask for help or support but we’re more than aware that it’s always there if needed.


We never had any anxieties about becoming foster carers or about anything blocking us in what we wanted to do – we’ve always felt that we were in a fortunate position where we could offer something to children who weren’t as lucky.


If you’ve thought about fostering, do it – even if you’re a family with children of your own, these little children who’ve been unfortunate so far in their upbringing will only bring more joy into your lives!


We’re thankful to be in a position where we can give a little boy his forever home – that’s a feeling that not a lot of other people will ever get to experience.


To find out more about fostering this Foster Carer Fortnight, click here.



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