What is your biggest wish for Christmas?

Most people dream of having a child and starting a family of their own. Maybe getting pregnant is your biggest wish for Christmas?




There are plenty of good reasons for starting a family. Continue reading this and learn more about the top reasons to start a family from the experience of the world’s largest sperm bank, and think about what your dream of having a baby means to you.


Letters from happy parents

Cryos International is the world’s largest sperm bank and we are proud to say that we have helped women for over 30 years make the dream of a having baby come true. As a company, we cannot wish for a better vision, because we know from experience how much happiness we help bring women from all over the world.  


For over 30 years, we have received heartwarming and grateful thank-you-letters from happy parents with pictures of their newborn babies, and from these letters and the many great conversations we have had with the mothers and mother-to-be, we understand the many different motivations for wishing to start a family. Here are the top 5 motivations that we most commonly meet:


Top 5 motivations for creating a family


1 Something is missing
You feel like something is missing. You long to raise and nurture a baby to complete your vision of a family.


2 Complete devotion
The fulfillment of complete devotion and the chance for you to be “the favourite mum” instead of just being a “favourite aunt”, and with this devotion, a sense of deeper purpose in life.


3 Take on a new exciting challenge in life
You just feel ready and you want to seize the moment and experience everything that it has to offer!


4 Laughter
Children offer love and a sense of purpose in life, but they are also funny. The stories of how babies and children bring laughter into the world are countless. You multiply your laugh rate by 10.


5 Spread joy
You wish to bring light to a new life and let the baby do the same for you.


Having a baby is a big decision and it is a decision that will change your life forever, and as we all know there are no limits to how much love and happiness a baby can bring. 


What does the dream of having a baby mean to you?


May all your wishes come true.



If you want to see all the cute Cryos-babies and read letters from the happy parents, visit dk.cryosinternational.com


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