Why e-cigarettes are this summer’s must-have accessory for smokers

Vaping's less harmful, more practical and great if you want to give up smoking for good.



With Summer now upon us, it’s also time for a new range of styles and fashions to accompany the warmer weather. Whilst the majority of us will be looking for something bright and colourful, there’s one seemingly small accessory designed specifically for cigarette smokers that can make a massive difference for them that will last far beyond just the one season. If you’ve been thinking about how to make a clean break away from your habit, then this may very well be the device for you.


Thanks to the e-cigarette (more commonly known as ‘e-cigs’), smokers now don’t have to rely on the common traditional cigarette to get the intake of nicotine that they need. Instead, e-cigarettes do away with tobacco, tar and other horrible additives and instead combine nicotine with flavoured vapour. In a process known as ‘vaping’, the vapour and nicotine is inhaled by the user and then gives off a cloud of smoke that is estimated to be about 90% less harmful that that created by cigarettes.


Easily stored in a coat or pocket depending on the size of the model, e-cigarettes are discreet and can be puffed on with just the click of a button. The lack of toxins and sickly smell given off makes vaping far easier to conceal and less intrusive to those around than smoking, and I’m sure that I’m not the only non-smoker happy to see the end of such unpleasant second-hand smoke. All too often friends and family members get divided up due to the smoker/non-smoker divide, and e-cigs really do go a long way in addressing this unwanted schism.


Whilst you’re out and about as well, vaping is increasingly seen as far more acceptable than smoking as per normal. Whereas cigarettes are banned within the vast majority of communal areas, a lot of bars, clubs and other venues are more lenient in regards to e-cigs, so it pays to ask whether they’ll allow a few quick puffs.


If you’re looking to give up smoking for good, then an e-cigarette is exactly what you need as soon as possible. Being so similar to regular cigarettes means that your current habits won’t feel significantly disrupted and you can get the fix you need with the worst elements of smoking safely separated away. Over time you can gradually reduce the strength of the e-liquid within your e-cigarette and manage your rate of quitting at whatever pace you desire.


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