Why we love South American tours, and you will too

They're the best way to see this spectacular destination.




Hola South America! This continent has been among the world’s most enthralling travel destinations for years, and for good reason, too. Think of Machu Picchu’s stunning alpine beauty or Rio de Janeiro’s iconic strips of beach. Oh, and don’t forget Chile’s Lake District, or Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires. If anything, South America has too much to offer, and that’s why organised tours are so important. Here’s why you’ll love every second of one…


Contrasting cities

It’s places like Santiago that really put South America on the map. Walk amongst the city’s former colonial buildings and marvel at culture-rich hubs, such as the National Museum and the bohemian-esque Bellavista quarter. Not only that – Chile’s capital also has a thriving LGBT scene! Aside from the massive Marcha del Orgullo Gay (Gay Pride Parade), Santiago has a buzzing nightlife (home to large lesbian and gay crowds) across its various bars and clubs.


Rio de Janeiro


As you’d expect, Rio de Janeiro is no different. Similar to Santiago, it also plays host to a number of lesbian-friendly festivals, although Rio punches one higher – it’s also got multiple beaches that are notoriously popular with the LGBT community! Whenever you’ve got some downtime from the tour, hit one up and soak up the beating sun.


Natural treasures

Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu is one of the coveted Seven Wonders of the World, but you already knew that, right? One major advantage of a tour is that nothing worth seeing is missed out. Titan Travel’s organised trips to South America, for instance, cover different countries in a relatively short space of time. Consider a tour if you're struggling to nail down just one destination to visit. 

Other South American highlights include the ancient Inca Trail, and natural treasures like the Argentinian Iguazu Falls. This dramatic waterfall makes for Insta-gold (not Inca gold, unfortunately), so make sure to snap up a few photos! Back in Peru, the Sacred Valley gifts travellers with over 60 kilometres of verdant Andean scenery. Organised tours will take you through the best of it, and on top of that give you a unique insight into the history and culture of the region.


The food

South America’s cuisine is so varied that touring the whole continent seems like the only logical option if you’re a foodie – or even if you’re not. Brazil’s culinary delights include street food specialities like the acarje – a deep-fried bean pasty stuffed with prawns and chillis. In Colombia, local delicacies are just as tasty. Try ajiaco, a succulent mixture of chicklen and potatoes which’ll leave you with a real taste of the country. Tour guides won’t only advise you on what is best to eat, they’ll also tell you where’s best to get it. After all, it’d be silly to turn down an insider’s opinion, right?

Going on holiday is a great way to see what life is like for other women all across the world. When a continent is as colossal as South America, sometimes the only way to discover this is through a tour. Jump in on your Latin American extravaganza and see what this exotic hotbed of countries holds for you.


You can book your tour with Titan Travel at: titantravel.co.uk/destinations/south-and-latin-america/grand-tour-of-south-america.



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