Win your dream wedding day: the finalists

We had hundreds of entries for this amazing competition but the final six are…



Earlier this year, DIVA teamed up with Shotgun Weddings to offer one lucky couple the chance to win a dream wedding worth £15,000.


We had hundreds of entries and narrowing them down was really tough, but the final six are…


Lucy and Leah

Lucy says: “I met the love of my life when I was 15, although I didn’t go on to realise it for 10 years. When we met she lived in Brighton, and I in Edinburgh. Separated by 500 miles, life went on but I often thought of her, who she was growing to be. Fast forward 10 years; she came to visit me in Edinburgh. Over a glass of wine, sat on the carpet of my front room our eyes met, lingered. In that moment I felt it, I felt I was falling and being caught, all at the same time.”


Emma and Carly

“At the age of 34 my wife died suddenly from meningitis,” Emma told us. “That day my world changed. I was a young widow, single parent of a three-year-old, desperately sad, scared and lonely. Nearly two years later I joined a dating site. Carly87 from Devon winked at me. How could anything come from it? Devon is 250 miles away! Eventually we decided to meet. That day was full of feelings and emotions. The moment I first saw her, my heart started beating again. That day, I got my life back, and found my happy ever after.” 


Helen and Debbie

“We first met 21 November 2015 at a mutual friends house-party,” Helen says. “On that night, Debbie was seeing someone else and I was recovering from depression. We next met at a Gay Outdoors Club meal on 23 April 2016 and spent the whole night together chatting, arranging to miss the scheduled walk next day and instead have our first date. Since then, we haven't missed a weekend together, despite living three hours apart. We are currently buying our first home together and are hoping to wed next year. All our friends and family say we make a great couple. Lovers forever.”


Gillian and Leigh

Gillian told DIVA: “I met Leigh not long after I came out about three and a half years ago. Leigh was my absolute rock during what was one of the most difficult times in my life. The father of my children, his family, and most of our mutual friends turned their backs on me after I came out and I was basically alone in the world with two children to care for. Along came Leigh, and she held it all together. We are a happy little family now and I am so thankful to have finally found a love that is true.”


Emma and Fran

“The power of music! We met through a mutual love of singing. We were both at huge turning points in our lives and became good friends at choir, chatting and supporting each other. Fran was volunteering at her first Brighton Pride in 2015 and invited Emma as well, who hadn't been in years. By the end of that easy, glorious day Emma knew she was completely in love with Fran. A few weeks later Fran told Emma that Pride day was the lightbulb moment for her too! We are soulmates with an equally wonky and wonderful outlook on life.”


Sunita and Cheryl

Sunita told us: “We are recently engaged after Cheryl popped the question on the way to work on the Piccadilly line between Wood Green and Turnpike Lane. We met four years ago when Cheryl appeared in my life as an intern. She was super early on her first day (and young), I walked into my office to be greeted by her incredible smile and beautiful bright red hair and I my heart leaped. Obviously there are rules about interns so we kept each other at arms length for a couple of years only to be reunited a year ago. Couldn't believe my gay luck. Both single and still fascinated by each other we are happily living proud together. I lost my brother last month and Cheryl has been my heart and soul through this difficult time. I would love for her to be spoilt rotten on her wedding day.”



Now, we need your help! Who do you think should win this amazing prize? To vote for your favourite, visit our Facebook page. The three couples with the most “likes” on their pictures by 30 November will then go through to the next round of judging before the winner is announced later this year!



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