Your wedding outfit, your style, your way

Tomboy bridal chic, tailor-made for you



For a tomboy-bride-to-be, finding the perfect outfit for your wedding can be a real challenge.


The feminine frills of womenswear are a terrible fit for your style. Men’s tailoring is, of course, a terrible fit for your body. Yet on the most important day of your life you need to feel your absolute best - wearing something that not only looks fantastic, but that allows you to feel like yourself.



Astonished by the limited options available for lesbian wedding attire, Orhan London Tailoring makes it their mission to reach out and share their ethos; to champion each client’s personality with clothing that celebrates their personal style, not dictates it.


Situated in the heart of London’s creative hub Shoreditch, each client is received with the warmest of welcomes – greeted by a team whose genuine passion and expertise guarantee an enjoyable and memorable part of your wedding experience.  



You are led to the back of their Tardis-like shop to the hum of sewing machines – the sound of Orhan and his team hard at work downstairs for their extensive clientele. Suits, dresses and outfits of every cut and colour adorn the studio - some finished, some still half-made - ready to be fitted to perfection. A skylight above reveals the vast selection of luxury wools, cottons and silks that line their walls.


“How is it that you’d like to represent yourself? What is it that makes you feel special?” - this is the emphasis at the core of your custom-made commission. And as the questions unfold, your ideal wedding look is realised alongside master tailor Orhan, whose lifetime of expertise helps to transform your dream outfit into a reality.



Maybe you have a clear vision of what you are looking for? Or perhaps you need a bit of guidance to steer you on your way? Nevertheless, their professional advice and heart-felt enthusiasm for your project promise a match made in sartorial heaven.


“Absolutely amazing. They helped me have the wedding suit of my dreams. I can’t put into words how much it meant for me, to have people respect what I wanted and just made me feel so welcome. Thank you all so much, I will always be truly grateful.”      

- Jade, December 2017



Whatever is in your heart, Orhan London Tailoring can make it happen.


Book a consultation or make an enquiry today at



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