Author Stella Duffy "hounded" off Twitter by transphobic trolls

Duffy's wife Shelley Silas described the attacks against her wife as "utterly hurtful"




Les fic author Stella Duffy was earlier forced to take hiatus from Twitter for almost a week after being subjected to abuse by a group of transphobic trolls.






After leaving the site, Stella's wife and Diversity Role Models patron, Shelley Silas, took to the platform to write that she'd found the attacks against her wife "utterly hurtful".



Shelley's tweet was met with a flood of well wishes from friends and fans:





DIVA publisher Linda Riley has also since spoken out over the abuse:



DIVA yesterday published an open letter to the Lesbian Rights Alliance who had called on Stonewall to remove the L from LGBT.


"A Times article, published today, announces 'lesbian fury at Stonewall over ‘trans agenda’, as if the 135 signatories of an open letter speak for every lesbian in the world," wrote DIVA editor Carrie Lyell.


"Sorry, but you're wrong. Given DIVA’s unequivocal stance on trans issues, I’m sure it goes without saying, but for anyone not quite sure: those 135 signatories do not speak for us, or for the majority of cisgender lesbians."


Stella has since returned to Twitter and we at DIVA are sending her lots of love. Don't let 'em grind you down, Stella.


Read the full DIVA open letter here



Only reading DIVA online? You're missing out. For more news, reviews and commentary, check out the latest issue. It's pretty badass, if we do say so ourselves. // //


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