Beauty In A Being: Are We Women Yet?

This powerful campaign celebrates diverse female beauty for International Women's Day


Photography: Sam Pritchard Make-up: SPACE NK - Emma Storey, Arif Khan, Emily Florence Hair: Leila Hutson


UK’s youngest PR firm collaborates with empowering LGBT celebrities and fashion retailer for International Women’s Day


One of the UK’s youngest PR firms, P&C PR, has announced its collaboration with women empowerment fashion retailer, Beautifully Undressed, and LGBT celebrities for an independent project, Beauty In A Being: Are We Women Yet? for International Women’s Day.



Amelia-Eve Warden, Co-founder of P&C PR and women empowerment activist, has directed and independently funded the body confidence campaign photoshoot, in order to show women from all walks of life, whether they’re feminine, androgynous, slim or curvy, are beautiful. P&C PR partnered with SPACE NK makeup artists and hair technicians in order to style the models in “androgynous” minimal makeup focusing on dark contouring, ensuring no bold colours or vibrant lipsticks were used, with slick, tidied hair to show the beauty in androgyny. The models were then styled  with “feminine” lingerie to show the comparison in feminine and masculine fashion but worn by women, with brands such as Something Wicked, Maison Close, Lovely London.


With today’s fashion industry boxing women into thinking that being covered in makeup, slim and feminine is the definition of beautiful, P&C wanted to show no matter whether you’re feminine or androgynous, slim or plus sized, in bespoke hairstyles and minimal makeup, you’re a woman and that’s beautiful enough.



The models included in the Beauty In A Being: Are We Women Yet? campaign were Britain’s first trans Next Top Model, Talulah-Eve, sex worker and performer Lucy Victoria, and Co-founder, activist and model, Amelia-Eve Warden.


Annabelle Mu’azu, Founder of Beautifully Undressed comments: “At Beautifully Undressed we believe in self love. We are here to empower women and break the stereotypes about femininity and we believe in enriching women by tapping into their divine feminine through the power of exquisite lingerie, because there's no doubt that beautiful lingerie makes you unstoppable.  We know every woman is beautifully different just like those in this beautiful campaign. The force is female!”



Amelia-Eve Warden, CEO of P&C PR, comments: “We have always been incredibly passionate about boosting the positive message of empowering women. As a strong, independent woman myself, showing the differentiation in beauty, appearance and the way we view things has always been an important topic to discuss, especially in the fashion industry. With women having to handle being stereotyped, judged and categorised based on their looks on a day-to-day basis, we wanted to push these boundaries and break societal norms to show that all women, from different races, backgrounds, sexual preferences and walks of life, come together and are beautiful; no matter who you are, what you look like, you’re a woman and that is enough.”




Photography: Sam Pritchard

Make-up: SPACE NK - Emma Storey, Arif Khan, Emily Florence

Hair: Leila Hutson


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