Breaking news: Bria and Chrissy have two huge reasons to celebrate

The YouTube supercouple just won Chrissy's landmark revenge porn case AND announced their engagement


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Massive congratulations are in order for YouTubers Bria and Chrissy. The loved-up pair, who have nearly a million subscribers on their channels, have just announced two incredible pieces of news.


Firstly, Chrissy revealed that she has finally won her landmark revenge porn case.


Aged 18, she had a nine month relationship with a British man. During that time, he secretly filmed seven videos of them having sex. Years later, in 2013, Chrissy discovered that he had uploaded those videos to a free porn site. They have since been published on over 35 other sites and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.


She and Bria were both devastated, but they managed to find the strength to turn their pain into something positive. Ever since, the brave couple has been working to put an end to revenge porn. Through their campaigning, Chrissy has spoken to members of parliament, Twitter, Google, Facebook and even Hillary Clinton. And now, after a four year battle pursuing "the first ever civil lawsuit" against this kind of horrific abuse, Chrissy is overjoyed to confirm that she has won her case, making her the first victim of revenge porn in England to publicly win damages.


Speaking outside the High Court today, Chrissy said, “We have been able to set a legal precedent that should serve as a severe warning to those who seek to extort and harm with revenge porn: you cannot do this with impunity, and you will be held accountable for your actions. For anyone who has been living in fear of revenge porn used against you, there has never been a better time to come forward.”


Following this powerful statement, she got down on one knee and proposed to Bria.


“This is the end of a very difficult chapter in our lives. This has taken up four and a half years of our six year relationship, and I don’t want to waste another moment ending this chapter before I start the next one.”


Of course, Bria accepted, telling the crowd, “This is the bravest, most incredible human being that I’ve ever met. I can’t be more happy to be beside her.”



​We are over the moon for these two amazing women.


You can read all about Bria and Chrissy’s love story and their fight for justice in the February issue of DIVA, which goes on sale Friday 19 January at You can also order a copy of the print mag from Friday at And yes, we ship internationally.




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