Couple left stunned by “lesbian receipt” at Welsh holiday resort

Hafan y Môr say the staff member involved has been disciplined


Images: Belinda Mulcahy/Haven


A couple were left stunned and speechless when a barman at a holiday resort handed them a receipt with the word “lesbians” printed on it.



Belinda Mulcahy and her partner Jo James were staying with a relative at Hafan y Môr Holiday Park in Pwllheli, North Wales when the incident occurred in the owner's lounge. 


The pair had been out for a meal to celebrate Belinda’s birthday and had a “perfectly nice, perfectly lovely” time, but Jo was shocked when she later noticed the receipt.


Jo told DIVA: “Belinda looked at me and she said, ‘Are you alright?’ I showed her and she was speechless.


"We hadn’t done anything overt. We hadn’t been kissing at the bar or holding hands. We could have been friends. We could have been relations. We could have been a whole host of things. So the fact he decided to identify us as lesbians was a bit horrifying. We were shocked at how stupid this man had been.”


Hafan y Môr is operated by Bourne Leisure Group, which also owns Butlins


Belinda and Jo complained to the bar manager, who tried to take the receipt off them before offering a couple of free drinks. “As if that was going to make it ok,” Jo says. “It doesn’t make [what happened] better in any shape or form.”


Jo added: “I don’t know what upon earth possessed the staff member a) to write it and b) to hand me the receipt with it on.”


A spokesperson from Hafan y Môr, one of 36 Haven parks operated by the Bourne Leisure Group, told DIVA they were sorry and offered their “sincere apologies to the guests involved”.


“This incident should not have occurred and we are sorry for any distress caused.


“Following an investigation conducted by management, the individual concerned has been subject to internal disciplinary action. Our team members will also undertake refreshed training courses to ensure that an incident like this does not occur in the future.”



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