HSBC Introduces Gender Neutral Titles On Trans Day Of Visibility

Customers can now choose from 10 options including Mx, M and Misc.


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On Trans Day Of Visibility, HSBC has announced that their customers will now have ten additional prefix options to choose from including Mx, Ind, M and Misc.


The banking giant aims to offer more choice to non-binary and trans people. HSBC aren't the first financial institution to take such a step. Banks such as the Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays also allow their customers to use gender neutral prefixes.


To make the process of updating the gender on a bank account as simple and stress-free as possible, HSBC have streamlined the procedure and plan to deliver training to all their customer-facing staff. In order to change the gender on an HSBC account, customers are advised to bring identification that supports the change of gender (passports, driving licences and birth certificates are accepted) into a branch.


Once a person has selected their preferred title, it will be applied across their account, including any correspondence and bank cards.


Leading LGBT charity Stonewall have commented on this announcement:

“It’s great to see an increasing number of organisations prioritise issues affecting trans people. The banking sector has taken huge strides towards making lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees and customers feel valued.”

They added:

"This was demonstrated earlier this year by Lloyds Banking Group, who came number one in our top 100 LGBT inclusive employers in Britain."


Here are the 10 new title options from HSBC:

Mx - pronounced “Mix” / “Mux”

Ind - short for “individual”

M - an abbreviation used in France

Misc - short for “miscellaneous”

Mre - stands for “mystery”

Msr - combination of “Miss” and “Sir”

Myr - used in some other countries

Pr - short for “person” and pronounced “per”

Sai - used in Asia and pronounced “sigh”


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