Homophobic Twitter troll suspended over vile response to Manchester terror attack

"If you're going to bomb the place at least get Canal Street"


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A Twitter user has been suspended for posting homophobic tweets in response to Monday night’s horrific bomb attack in Manchester.


The atrocity, which took place during an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, took the lives of at least 22 people with at least 59 others injured.


Shortly after the attack, people at the arena were desperately trying to find their loved ones. The rest of the country was shaken and upset to hear the devastating news.


However, one person reacted very differently upon learning what had happened. An individual who goes by the Twitter handle @AntMcfc_ took to social media to suggest that a suicide bomber should at least choose Canal Street, Manchester’s gay district, as their target.


The tweet said:

“Sickening stuff happening at the Manchester Arena. If you’re going to bomb the place at least get Canal Street.”


Several other Twitter users criticised the tweet, saying they would report the account and that it should be shut down.


@AntMcfc_ responded:

“Never said I want them murdered but if there’s a choice of bomb location I’d rather them than normal people.”


The initial tweet was deleted, before the whole account was removed by Twitter.


Ariana Grande shared this tweet after Monday night:



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