LGBT celebs have launched a mental health campaign for #MHAW17 and it's so powerful



Sam Pritchard


LGBT celebs have joined forces with P&C PR to shine a spotlight on mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week. The title of the campaign, #TooWildToLive, is a tribute to lesbian supermodel Gia Carangi, who spoke publicly about her sexuality and battled mental health demons before tragically dying of Aids. Her most famous quote?


"Too beautiful to die, too wild to live."



P&C PR CEO and co-founder Amelia-Eve Warden told us:

“We have always been incredibly passionate about raising awareness in the LGBT community, and as a person that suffers from mental health problems on a daily basis, I feel this project particularly lies very close to my heart."


She added:

"Driving such a thrilling and capturing message through detailed imagery can always be daunting, but we have to ensure the public are aware of the risks mental health has, and ways in which, together we can tackle through. No one is alone, and we are delivering that subliminal message, that we are together, we are strong, and we will beat this.”


The captivating campaign imagery aims to show what the five most common mental health issues might look like if we could see them. The celebrities who took part in this powerful project include pop star and actor Duncan James, Pink Tribute Act's Laura Tapp, Black Out LDN director Kayza Rose, trans musician Chaune King and model Sammy Mceleny.


Kayza Rose


Laura Tapp


Duncan James


Chaune King


Sammy Mceleny


Duncan opened up about what the campaign means to him:

"I’m a huge supporter of the #TooWildToLive campaign, as my best friend suffers badly from mental health issues. Being around someone you care and love for, seeing the struggles and battles that they continuously face, and seeing it firsthand, can be a traumatic experience for everyone involved. Finding new ways to fund care, treatments and address ways to help these issues, is crucial to giving mental health the kick it needs. Then people, like my best friend, will have these contact systems in place to help them overcome these struggles."


Laura explained why taking part in #TooWildToLive was so important to her:

"My diagnosis for ADHD started when I was 29 and I finally got diagnosed at age 30. Up until the final result of finding out, life was a continuous struggle. I’ve accepted my brain is wired differently and I see the positivity in that, which is why working alongside P&C PR on the #TooWildToLive project, was a huge way in which I could share my message: by reaching out and taking control, I am now the best possible version of myself, mental health isn’t all rosy, nor is it a negative, it morphs you and challenges you, but it opens avenues which makes you see things differently – you are aware, and the strongest you’ll ever be."


Watch the campaign video here:


Too Wild To Live supports MIND. For information, support and advice about mental health, please visit


Images and video: Sam Pritchard


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