Spicy, opinionated (gingerbread) women πŸŽ„

Fed up with the same old dry, buttoned up gingerbread men?


IMAGE: slutty_gingerbread


Hackney-based baking startup, Gingerbread Rising, is setting out to crumble the gingerbread patriarchy with a fun range of fierce, body-confident female cookies.


Today, a one-week-only Kickstarter campaign is launching to get these limited edition gingerbread women to fans in time for Christmas πŸŽ„



The company’s controversially named ranges - Slutty, Bossy and Sassy Gingerbread - aim to redefine words currently used as slurs, but there is more to the brand than their unscrupulous use of tasty treats to lure society into gender equality.


The cookies themselves are small hand-decorated pieces of art, lovingly named after ancient Germanic heroines - the embodiment of powerful females. Combined with a good sense of humour, their escapades have already started to make a stir on Instagram.



According to Founder, Jenny Barthe (aka "Heidi"), the baked goods are a fundamentally new way of trying to change the world:


“We believe radical feminism can be a bit hard to swallow. If we want equality to appeal to a mainstream audience, it needs to be more palatable - that’s why we made it into gingerbread.”


Co-founder Oli Kramer (aka "Brunhilde") added: “If men behave in a bossy, sassy or slutty way, it’s seen as a sign of confidence and success, so why shouldn’t ladies be wearing these terms with pride, too? 


“We think it’s easier to change how a word is used - rather than trying to enforce a complete ban.”



The Slutty, Bossy and Sassy Gingerbread ranges will be sold as single cookies and decorating kits that allow you to style your own gingerbread women with friends or family (mulled wine optional, but advisable).


Especially helpful if you have little people in the house, decorating the sassy superheroes and girlbosses teaches kids that they don’t have to be demure, silent or passive when they grow up, but that they can rule the world - and do it in style.



To help Gingerbread Rising to smash the gingerbread patriarchy, pledge your support here. For more info, visit gingerbreadrising.com or follow them on Instagram @slutty_gingerbread​.



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