The Warwick Rowers are raising money to fight homophobia in sport

They've just unveiled their brand new calendar and crowdfunding campaign



Since 2009 the Warwick Rowers have been getting their kit off to create tongue-in-cheek, clothes-nowhere-to-be-seen calendars. That very first edition raised a humble £300 for their rowing team but their naked antics caught the attention of the public and won them celeb fans including Miranda Hart, Sir Ian McKellen and Kylie Minogue.


When the Rowers learned that their calendar was becoming particularly popular in the gay community, they embraced this support and were deeply affected by the message from their LGBT fans about the homophobia they had encountered in sport. This drove them to set up Sport Allies, a charity promoting LGBT inclusion and gender equality. All the rowers class themselves as allies and believe that sport should help you fulfil your potential, regardless of your gender or sexuality.


Angus Malcolm, producer of the Warwick Rowers calendar and LGBT rights activist, said:


“The calendar, book and films are a bit of fun, but the message behind the nudity is more serious. The Warwick Rowers are brilliant sports and great allies to the gay community. They’re straight men confronting their privilege and becoming part of the solution. The nudity in our calendar is therapeutic and purposeful (You can say that again). We’ve been contacted by many people who were bullied by sportsmen at school and find that the Rowers have helped them come full circle.”


Check out this teaser video showing behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot:



Warwick Rowers merch is available now at bargain prices on their site, ahead of the official launch next month. You can also join their crowdfunding campaign at


To find out more about Sport Allies, visit



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