This week on Radio DIVA: Keeana Kee, Layla McCay and new play Her Not Him

Plus Rachel Shelley reports on Threesome, a new art exhibition exploring the female gaze 🎨


Clockwise from top left: Keeana Kee, Theatre 503, Rachel Shelley and Threesome


It’s mid-January. It’s wet, it’s grey, it’s windy - we know. In a bid to fill you all with January-shaped joy, we’ve stuffed lots of fun and interesting people into the Radio DIVA studio so that you, lovely listeners, can go home, get cosy and tune in.


First up on the show this week, is DIVA fave Keeana Kee. You may remember the Latvian model-turned-singer from the cover of our Sex Issue back in 2013 (get your vintage copy here). Or perhaps from the seductively sapphic video to her fabled single, Coconut Rum And Coke.



Keeana will be chatting to Rosie and Heather about new single You’re Real and what she's been up to since the last time she popped in at DIVA. Keeana told the Radio DIVA team she's:


“So pleased to be a part of the Radio DIVA show, and super excited to share with you my latest single You’re Real more exclusive news and updates! Love, Keeana.” 


Scottish storyteller Layla McCay will also be in the studio this Tuesday. McCay is Artistic Director of the Perfect Liars Club, "a story interrogation, a storytelling show with a side of shrewd", which comes to London for the first time this new year. (In a nutshell: "Four storytellers tell you a story. Three are true, and one is a lie. Listen. Laugh. Interrogate. Vote. And then brace yourself for the shocking truth. Can you spot the liar?" Sounds good, right?) 



There's also an appearance by cast and crew of new play Her Not Him, showing at Theatre 503. A comedy drama, the play explores the things that keep us going in life, relationships that don’t fall under tidy labels, and the very human missteps we make when it comes to sexuality and sexual politics. Director Amy Lawrence will be joined by actor Orla Sanders in the Radio DIVA studio to tell us more...


And not forgetting, roving reporter Rachel Shelley who has a special piece on the newly opened Threesome art exhibition, which features three queer, female artists exploring same-sex desire and the female gaze. And of course, our fabulous "lesbro" Jonathan Phang will be bringing us the very latest LGBT headlines from OutNews Global.


Make sure you tune in and join the conversation by tweeting @RadioDIVA104_4 πŸŽ™οΈ


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