This week on Radio DIVA: MIRI, Lauren Karl of The Scarlet Vixens, and author Elaine Chambers

Plus! Singer, host and LGBTQ activist Saski guest hosts 🎶


Clockwise from top left, MIRI, Saski, Rosie Wilby and author Elaine Chambers


While The Peace is away, singer, host and LGBTQ activist Saski will play...


Joining the lovely Rosie Wilby in the studio this week, Saski told Radio DIVA she's: "Super excited to guest co-host Radio DIVA alongside the fabulous Rosie! 


"We have some really amazing guests lined up! Plus, I'm looking forward to keeping your seat warm Heather (...jealous much anyone?!)"



Joining Saski and Rosie is a singer-songwriter described as "the love child of Sting and Edith Piaf". Guessed yet? It's Radio DIVA favourite, MIRI. With music which blends heart and grit, distilled through a "smooth, melodic pop filter", Miri's live, on-air performances are not to be missed (trust us...)


“I'm really looking forward to coming on the show to talk about Blue Monday and Girls To The Front - tune in to find out more!” MIRI told DIVA.



Joining MIRI will be fellow performer Lauren Karl of the burlesque arts troupe The Scarlet Vixens. 


With regular shows in London and Reading - as well as appearances at festivals across the country - The Scarlet Vixens are quickly gaining recognition on the burlesque circuit, offering audiences not only electrifying burlesque, but aerial arts, belly dancing, singing, magic, hula hoop, feather and silk fan dancing, and lots more (...phew!)



And last, but certainly not least, author Elaine Chambers who, in 1987 - after five years of loyal service in the army - was sacked for being a lesbian after rumours about her sexual orientation reached the military police. Now Elaine's written a riveting memoir, This Queer Angel, which tells her real life experiences with humour and honesty. (Read an extract of Elaine's book, shared exclusively with DIVA, here)


Roving reporter, Rachel Shelley, will be back with a special report on BBC Radio 4’s on-going drama Home Front, and the team will have all the latest LGBTQ headlines from OutNews Global. Join the conversation by tweeting @RadioDIVA104_4 ðŸŽ™ï¸


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While you’re here…

Resonance FM, host to Radio DIVA, celebrates its sixteenth anniversary this year, and with it, the team hope to consolidate, refine and grow as an organisation. To be able to do that, they urgently need to relocate studios and broadcasting gear, as the current site is being redeveloped - at considerable cost - hence a fundraising target of £100,000.



The move will also allow Resonance FM to expand their facilities and become a central hub for expressive and discursive mass communication.


"We want to make this fascinating and successful experiment a sustainable, on-going concern - one which grows in proportion to its seemingly unlimited potential", the Resonance team told DIVA.


"And we want to build a vital legacy which informs, entertains, inspires and encourages more people of all backgrounds and ages to create, experience and enjoy the best possible radio."


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