10 awesome Instagram accounts to make your feed a better, queerer place

Sarah James shares her favourite online influencers



With over 700 billion users and each one spending roughly 30 minutes a day scrolling, Instagram has quickly become one of the most creative (not to mention addictive) spaces for photo sharing. How can you find the accounts you identify with? Unsurprisingly, heteronormativity is pretty standard on these new age platforms, but it’s all good because these cool and inspiring queer Instagrammers are killing the game with their content. Let the #fangirling commence. You’re welcome.


1. Ari Fitz @itsarifitz

Via @itsarifitz

​Model, filmmaker, blogger, this girl’s making waves in the queer community. With a style that highlights the beauty in androgyny, she’s diversifying the Instagram platform in all the right ways.


2. Shannon Beveridge @nowthisisliving

Via @nowthisisliving

Shorty Award winner for her LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel. Shannon’s Instagram is a hub of great style, witty captions and overall fangirl bait.


3. Where Love is Illegal @whereloveisillegal

Via @whereloveisillegal

Where Love Is Illegal aims to change the ongoing homophobia that threatens the LGBTQ+ community. Through their inspiring Instagram stories, they focus on connecting people, transforming opinions, opening minds, and changing policies. Where Love Is Illegal documents and captures personal testimonies of survival from the LGBTQI+ community around the world. It’s an inspiring page, and more than worth your time.


4. Phyll Opoku-Gyimah @ladyphyll

Via @ladyphyll

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, also known as Lady Phyll, is a co-founder, trustee and executive director of UK Black Pride and a DIVA columnist. Her instagram is full of empowering quotes, captions and photos.


5. Adele Roberts @adeleroberts

Via @adeleroberts

Radio 1 DJ on the Early Breakfast Show, health & fitness inspo, and Student Pride ambassador. Adele’s feed is full of cool content ranging from behind the scenes at Radio 1 to her workout snaps. She’s bound to give everyone serious body envy. #Abs


6. Steph Grant @imsteph

Via @imsteph

LGBTQ+ Wedding Photographer. Her incredible wedding snaps of queer couples makes me want to walk down the aisle here and now. The artistic couple photos range across all different cultures, making for a beautiful feed.


7. Vanessa Webster @v_webs

Via @v_webs

Co-founder of Stillsane, eco and ethically conscious apparel. One of my fave Instagram accounts. Capturing many of her photos on film, her snaps are a great mixture of style and travel. She’s also someone who can pull off every single hat, plus her and her girlfriend are really cute. #CoupleGoals


8. Ellen Page @ellenpage

Via @ellenpage

Actress, LGBT+ Activist, cutest person ever? Ellen's feed displays fashion (she’ll make you want to buy a suit), a lot of love and some dancing. One of her recent posts revealed her marriage to dancer Emma Porter, something we all went crazy for!


9. Paris Lees @paris.lees

Via @paris.lees

“The voice of a generation.” Journalist, presenter, and transgender rights activist. Selfies always on point. Paris’ feed is empowering on so many levels, especially as she was recently photographed in Vogue amongst other powerful and strong women. Upon hearing her story at Student Pride 2017, she’s become one of my favourite online influencers.


10. Samira Wiley @whododatlikedat

Via @whododatlikedat

Actress (Long live Poussey Washington) and model. Samira Wiley’s Instagram is filled with cute pics of her and her wife, her style, and the occasional OITNB-related post. From the photo, you can guess that she’s also the winner of the best LGBT Christmas tree.



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