6 Brilliant shorts from Girls On Film 2: Before Dawn

A summer of love selection of lesbian shorts.



The Summer’s here and girls just want to have fun!  At last, Peccadillo is releasing a second volume of Girls On Film short film compilations.  Before The Dawn brings together eleven films from UK and international short filmmakers offering dreams, romance, desires and temptation.  Many of the films have screened at prominent film festivals such as BFI Flare, Toronto International Film Festival, Iris Prize and Sundance Film Festival.


We’ve already shared a sneak synopsis of five fabulous short films featured on this eagerly awaited compilation. Here’s a preview of the remaining six shorts.



A romantic day trip tests the relationship of two young lovers, and our relationship to what is there and what might belong to the realm of fantasy, or of memory…


Enjoy the Drama 

By revisiting her past and going back to a home she once shared, a young woman realises she can finally move on with her life, or can she?


No Matter Who

It's summertime and a troop of young girls are headed to scout camp. For Marie and Lise, it is a time for their first sparks of emotion and desire while confronting a group and their morality.


Playing with Balls

As tempers (and temperatures) rise between a couple on the tennis court, a group of older lesbians become intrigued with the goings-on, and one of them is inspired to take the opportunity to act on her desires and escape her daily routine.



Torn between a cold relationship with K. and her feelings for another woman, shy and insecure B. is heading for disaster. For too long she has suppressed her desires and lived a lie, but is it too late for B. to follow her heart?


Happy and Gay

Tired of washing up Gracie and Melba head out dancing with their boyfriends however, 1930s prejudice is everywhere the couples turn.


The full list of films includes: Happy and Gay. Dir. Loreli Pepi (USA); No Matter Who. Dir. Anne Claire (France); B.  Dir. Kai Stanicke (Germany); Silly Girl.  Dir. Hope Dickson Leach (UK); Crystal Clear Max Disgrace (UK); Dawn of the Deaf. Dir. Rob Savage (UK); Playing With Balls.  Dir. Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (Iceland); Enjoy The Drama. Dir. Lud Mônaco (Canada/Brazil); Plunge. Dir. Kate Lefoe (Australia); Actresses. Dir. Jeremy Hersh (USA); and Battalion To My Beat. Dir Elmi Imanishi (Algeria).


Girls On Film 2: Before Dawn is released on DVD on  24 July  by Peccadillo Pictures

RELEASE DATE:  24 JULY     RUNNING TIME: 120 MINS (approx)    RRP  £15.99


peccapics.com     twitter @peccapics    Facebook:  Peccadillo Pictures / GirlsOnFilmUK



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