Amber's Closet: "It took a lot of strength to be where I am now"

Roxy Bourdillon gets to know the woman taking YouTube by storm



Amber Whittington first knew she was attracted to women when she was just six years old. “I had a crush on one of my babysitters. I was like, ‘Woah! Ok, why do  I want to bring her flowers?’”


The YouTube star and self-described “certified weirdo” is already making me giggle as I settle down for our transatlantic video call. She’s perched in her infamous closet with racks of stylish threads and flawless trainers lining the white wall behind her. It feels strange and, lez-be-honest, more than a little bit exciting to be talking to Amber while she’s in the exact location I’ve seen in so many of her viral videos.


Before we get going, let’s talk about those videos. You know, the ones so addictively binge-worthy they’ve made her a bonafide celesbian. The content she creates ranges from the hilarious (Awkward Questions With Bae and Death Prank On My Dog) to the helpful (Manifestation: Getting The Most Out Of Life and How To Give Great Head). She wasn’t always determined to conquer the crazy world of YouTube – “I used to make fun of it!” she confesses with a cheeky grin – but when she made a guest appearance on one of her sister’s Ashton’s Closet vids (#TheFamilyThatYouTubesTogether), the comments section was inundated with viewers urging Amber to start her own channel. She already had an Instagram following, thanks to her on-point andro-chic style, but still she was all, “Oh, no way”. “Then a month later, without  telling  anyone, I just threw out a video. A couple days later, I had 1,500 views and it took off from there.”


Read the rest of our exclusive interview with Amber in the June issue of DIVA, available to buy in print or digitally here.



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